Furniture Refinishing

Each piece is hand stripped and a neutralizing agent is wiped on to remove any residue left from the stripper.
Any loose joints are then reglued so that the piece is structurally sound. Should any repairs be necessary this will be accomplished. The piece is then stained to the color selected by the customer. Once the stain has dried the following process occurs; two (2) coats of sanding sealer are applied, followed by three (3) to five (5) coats of clear lacquer finish. The most frequently used “sheen” is Satin. There then follows a 5-7 day “curing” process and then the furniture is returned to the owner.

Antique Restoration

differs from refinishing in that, the stripping process is eliminated. When required, due to extreme damage from sun, heat or abuse, the finish is removed by using a solvent specific to that type of finish. This is hand applied and rubbed until the finish is gone but the existing stain remains. Then, any areas that need to be retouched, to maintain color integrity, are blended with the appropriate stain. Once this has dried, a new “topcoat” is applied, be it shellac or lacquer. Then, any areas that need to be retouched to maintain color integrity is blended with the appropriate color. Once “cured”, the piece is then returned to the customer.

  • Carving

    Missing hand carving can be reproduced using a wood that matches the piece and has the proper grain pattern. This repair is then stained and finished to match.

  • Seat Restoration

    Do not throw away chairs that have suffered damage to the cane, rush, or splint. We can expertly replace and stain to match other undamaged pieces, if necessary.

  • Re-gluing

    We can bring any loose piece of furniture from chairs to buffets, dining tables, cabinets, etc. back to a structural condition.

  • Glass replacement

    Many pieces of furniture have curved glass doors and sides along with interior mirrors and flat door glass panels that need replacement. We can accomplish this in our shop.


A representative will respond with a selection of fabrics and colors that you request. The piece(s) is then inspected for the following:

  • Springs loose and in need of retying
  • Collapsed foam
  • Loose or damaged interior structure
  • Wood that needs polishing or refinishing.
An estimate is then provided and if accepted, the piece is picked up and taken to the shop.
Normal time to complete is three (3) weeks, if no refinishing is required. Should this be needed a 5-6 week completion time is needed. Work is done in a smoke free environment.

Foam Replacement

If your cushion(s) have flattened, we can provide a replacement service.
We use upholstery grade foam in; soft, medium, medium firm, and firm grades. All foam is Dacron wrapped and is installed in your cushion covers.



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